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Lapin Paris
28 April
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Hello and welcome to Le BLOG LAPIN.
I was born in a small Micro-fisching village in Faux, France. Yes, I am Faux-French.
I ran away from the drudgery of my pitiful existence and found the exciting Steampunk village of Caledon.
Became the Caledon Team Captain for the SLRFL (Relay For Life) American Cancer Society and our wonderful citizens donated over one million linden to the campaign against this dreadful disease.
I am one of 4 official Knights of Caledon, a Lady in The Duchess of Carntaigh's Court, a member of the Privy Council for Kintyre, Honorary Early Bird and lover of all things Steampunk and Victorian.
IM me anytime, I am a friendly, hopeful person and love to meet people and make friends.