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Les Fleurs Animees

I have always loved the work of Parisian artist JJ Grandville- so when I received a Birthday card yesterday with the image of one of his engravings, I decided to try to replicate it in SL.

A bit of background-
:es Fleurs Animees are a series of delightful Victorian prints illustrating flowers personified in the form of lovely maidens and their animal followers. Each of the early 19th century charming female figures is richly costumed in the leaves, blossoms and garlands that designate her flower. The book was published in 1867.

The costume I chose to reproduce is one of Grandville's favorites, displaying his fascination with an animated and psychological ferile natural world.


my interpetation-

I don't know if I'll attempt any others, but it was fun to give it a shot
available at the Bunny Hutch. I am also offering the bird separately.
Tags: art, engraving, victorian
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