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Birthday...Older..Wiser? nope!

On Sunday I had a little party to *accept* the fact that I am one more year OLDER....The usual suspects were all in attendance, which made me gleeful!

Denver Hax wearing the appropriate color- PINK!!! (It was Violet's idea! Don't blame me for that one!) Miss Terry Lightfoot didn't get the memo. However later she wore a lovely "Blush" pink dress and hair.

Mr. Sputnik's grey locks were dyed a shocking pink. Miss Emily Ladybird in the background in my "Carousel" dress! (Poor dear dropped champagne glasses all over my property... made a terrible mess for Natalia to clean up..) Newbe Writer gets down!!!

Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel lent his dulcit tones and large collection of tunes to the celebration.

Violet Schnabel and Titanas Vella share a toast to the future, etc, etc..
All in all I was delighted to see everyone there and we had a fine time dancing by the sea. Humpback whales could be heard as they passed by on their annual migration to Morgaine.
Thanks to everyone for making this a very special day, one I shall remember and treasure!
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