Lapin Paris (lapinparis) wrote,
Lapin Paris

Miss Kelley and Mr Peccable Wed

The other morning I received the happy news that my dear friends Kiralette and Podruly were to be wed...and then I found out it was to be at 6:00am! Actually, it was not a hardship in the least to rise and make way for one of the most beautiful occasions I have had the good fortune to witness.
For one thing, the tiny island looked exquisite, cast in the warm dark glow of Midnight, the petals of a thousand creamy yellow flowers glistened against the darkness.
Point two - those involved with the ceremony were highly verbose and creative, Oolon Sputnik, Zealot Benmargui, Soliel Snook, and Kira and Pod themselves, so, as you might expect, the language used was filled with humor and with heart felt sentiment that went beyond the mere typings of our limitations.
That said, I am a woman of pictures, not words. But I wish to express my joy and hope for the happy couple.
May you have fun, love and adventures galore!

Soliel Snook stood up for the Groom

Mr. Peccable waits for his bride, Mr. Sputnik presides

Kira made a most lovely Bride. The wedding party.
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