Lapin Paris (lapinparis) wrote,
Lapin Paris

Kacy Despres Rez Day Party!

Today Mordecai Scaggs hosted a fab bash in Tanglewood for his beloved Kacy! Gabi provided the DJ honours and the room just filled to the rafters with people the likes of whom I have not seen in ages!!!! Lucius Sin! Leon Susenko! Glori Maertens! Viderian! It was so wonderful to see them all again! and Nix Sands was there donning a fantastic clockwok rat av. It was posh. I asked Kacy what she did on her first day in SL and she told us all that she met Mord! Imagine that! One year ago today she met the man she would eventually spend all her days in love with! It really does the heart good. They are so very sweet and in love. It was a joyous happy party and I wish Kacy another year of fun and love in SL!
Tags: rez day
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