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Eternal Promethea

The other day a friend of mine offered teleportation to meet the owners of a new Victorian sim. Upon arrival I was greeted by Lady AnastasiaMaria Ledev, a raven haired, pales skinned ethereal woman who was wearing a lovely blue satin frock. Her sim, Eternal Promethea, is a charming place to wander, shop, take a carriage ride and marvel at the beautiful landscaping.


Lady Anastasia gave me the tour highlights, which include a beautiful tea house right on the shores of the meandering stream, the Grand Ballroom and the quaint church tucked on top of a hill. There are lovely Fatima Ur homes on the outskirts of the town, for new residents.

I was delighted when I was offered a shop of my choosing and found a building with tall windows and a view of the river. It will be fun to see the other shops take ownership. I noticed Terry Lightfoot had a shop as did Kitchen Kreations.
Here is a picture of my shop- with Table Top Paris in the front window.


When I discovered that Lady Anastasia's partner is of the Vampire heritage, I made arrangements for the two gentlemen to meet. It's not often we meet a couple similar to us and I am hoping that we can be fast friends.
Here is the meeting between Mr. Garrigus and Mr. Barbosa.


Lady Anastasia wanted to show Nicholas the sights and he was quite taken with the area as well. We were shown a lovely three story house, and - when we reached the balcony, overlooking the valley, Lady Anastasia took her leave saying: "This is a place of love."
It certainly got my mind racing!!

Tags: shopping, vampire, victorian
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