Lapin Paris (lapinparis) wrote,
Lapin Paris

Special invitation to a Tardis

To celebrate Caledon's Second Year ANNIVERSARY!! Oolon Sputnik and his assistant, Terry Lightfoot, Lovely Sidhe friend of mine, (in all honesty, Mr. Sputnik scares me!) held a very special open house aboard the ETC (Etheric Travel Conduit? Escape To Catalina? Everybody Thanks Caledon?? oh whatever it is...)

Many people climbed on board the Tardis which was ..moored? Docked? Tied to the earth by chains of titanium? Really, it's hard to describe theses things. My Victorian brain just can't wrap around the concepts of time and space... Oh bother

But it was a lovely party anyway!

** Mr. Jomander Trefoil in his finery, looks quite stunned by the surroundings! I took a quick repose on the divan behind him.**


Miss Widdershins, Mr. Vitori and Miss LIghtfoot (in the expansive wings) dance as Mr Sputnik tries to figure out how to clean up the stains on the fine rug.

Here I watch Miss Begonia and Miss Emily Ladybird trip the light fantastic. Mind the broken champagne glasses that Miss Ladybird seems to drop periodically.


Wallflowers and barflys.....Mr. Elric Merlin, DJ extraordinaire (and Heart Throb- sorry Nicholas but it's true!!!), Miss Lightfoot , Mr. Roy Smashcan, and Angus Mesmer (have not seen this talented inventor in many days!)

A wonderful time was had by all.
Thank you to Mr. Sputnik and Miss Lightfoot for throwing such a wonderful party!
Tags: champagne, doctor who, tardis
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