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My Valentines Day with Mr. Garrigus

It was a day of pleasures for all the senses.

~~~***~~~The aroma of rose petals~~~~***~~~

~~**~~~The touch of his hands on my back as we danced under a star filled night sky. The cool night air on my shoulders. The velvet breezes~~~***~~~

~~**~The sound of a distant flute as we caught an errant kiss behind the shop~~*~~

~~~~***~~~The luscious taste of chocolate~~****~~~

~*~The sight of Nicholas.....waiting to see me...~~~***~~


Lapin Paris and Nicholas Garrigus caught in a clinch while he watched me set up my stage set for the Bunny Hutch. Leave it to Nicholas to suggest that we try all the poses....

The evening began with an embrace which became a dance as I was swept up in his strong arms, words of love whispered in my ear. Soft kisses returned under the protective branches of the oak tree outside our home in Stormhold. Nicholas surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. I was so thrilled that he had been thinking of me.

After my work at the Bunny Hutch ended, Nicholas and I stole away, far from Caledon, and we visited some of our favorite haunts on the grid. A stroll through the oaks and pines of Straylight, a dance at the Sphynx, where the crowd was dressed to the nines, and the scent of perfume and after shave filled the air. After a dance we went to a jazz club and listened to old standards performed by a lovely chanteuse of ill repute.
Nicholas insisted on a bit of shopping and purchased an entire outfit for me- head to toe- shoes to a new 'do! I surprised him with cards and some of his favorite leather clothing. There was more dancing, some champagne, and then everything became rather fuzzy and soft.


and the evening ended with love.

I hope that all of you felt love, warmth and the contentment of holding that special someone on this day of romance. To me it's not just a Hallmark Corporate nothing day. It is a day to celebrate love. The world needs love. We all need love. Everyday is what you make of it. You can chose to be cynical, or you can chose to see things in a different way. To be accepting and to love. It's a choice. The world really is a wonderful place.
Tags: chocolate, flowers, lingerie, perfume
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