Lapin Paris (lapinparis) wrote,
Lapin Paris

Paris on a Tabletop

As a representative from Faux- France, there are times, wandering around the back streets and elegant shops in Caledon, when I miss my homeland.

My shop in Tanglewood is dedicated to my memories of the Tour Eiffel, and the Arc de Triomphe where I've tried to recreate the feeling of a Lady's Boutique, similar to the ones I recall from childhood.

I began a project to recreate the landmarks of Paris (circa 1890) in miniature.

But I was honoured and so very pleased that SL Master Artist AM Radio liked my work well enough to add photos to his Flickr account! To have a bit of recognition from someone I consider a true artist, gives me a deep sense of pride.

Here is a shot of the build- I stand beside it to give you a sense of scale.


You can see the finished project in the Bunny Hutch, it's available for puchase boxed with the entire collection, or you can purchase the pieces seperately.

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