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Marde Gras et al!

On Friday Caledon boasted a lagalicious and extremely fun Marde Gras Parade!
I just want to say, straight up, no I did not expose my bodacious ta tas for beads. Ahem.
That said:

It was very exciting to be sitting in Regency on the meditative cushions that Viderian Vollmar set out for our use in front to the Camera Obscura, and look at the map and see- over 50 green dots - it groups- inching their way towards us!

Violet Schnabel, propreitor of the Camera Obscura, myself, and Mr. Roy Smashcan sit patiently so as not to disturb the lag inducing effects of the parade

The first float was an enormous Elephant ridden by Mr. Iason. It was fantastic to see the huge thing ambling down the cobblestone walkway of Regency and then pass us, quite blocking out the sun!

This was a bubbly float with some scantily clad people- very much in keeping with the event!

This is the C.I.B. float with lots of raving going on- Erasmus Margulis and Shaylee Greenspan were atop the float, rocking out!

Another creative float.

It was a lot of fun and I hope that we can see more events like this in the future.
I love it when we all can come together and enjoy OUR Caledon, OUR community and all of the creative, crazy, and yeah, special times we can have here.
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