Lapin Paris (lapinparis) wrote,
Lapin Paris

Caledon Studios

Machinima MARVEL, Mr. Oolon Sptunik has created a wonderful destination in the new sim Penzance!
It is called:


A place where movies and newsreels will be created! Several people are involved with the creation of items for purchase, clothing and hair from the costume designer, chairs, furniture, from the properties shop, poses from choreography, all for sale in an effort to fund projects. One of a kind items which will be created for movie projects will be available at the Studio! Everyone is welcome to browse the studios and check out what project is currently in production.

3 parcels wide at the edge of the mountain range, impressive gates welcome you to enter.

The hills above boast the sim name.

Mr. Sputnik has invited me to be responsible for props and sets, a challenge I have accepted with determination and a verve. It will be a job fraut with a chipped nail or two, and I may be overcome by paint fumes, but...I would do anything for art!


Do stop by for a closer look!
Tags: machinima
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