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Life and Times of Lapin Paris

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13th May 2008

6:37am: New cart at Fatima's
I love Fatima Ur and her faboo sims!
On a recent visit to see the new church set up for weddings, (lovely setting at the bank of the river) I strolled about and discovered an empty cart! Perfect for some of my wares!
I grabbed it! haha!

The necklaces I make in RL and transposed to SL will be offered there.

If you'd like to see what they look like in more detail , and to see my rl work, take a look at my website- linked here to my LJ.
Have a great day filled with adventure, love and - SHOPPING!
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11th May 2008

11:08pm: ~~Announcing~~

~~~~~~COMING AT THE END OF MAY, '08~~~~~~~

~~~THE P H I N E A S M A T O V A PUB CRAWL ~~~~~~~

~details to follow.......
Current Mood: drunk

9th May 2008

7:34pm: Les Fleurs Animees
I have always loved the work of Parisian artist JJ Grandville- so when I received a Birthday card yesterday with the image of one of his engravings, I decided to try to replicate it in SL.

A bit of background-
:es Fleurs Animees are a series of delightful Victorian prints illustrating flowers personified in the form of lovely maidens and their animal followers. Each of the early 19th century charming female figures is richly costumed in the leaves, blossoms and garlands that designate her flower. The book was published in 1867.

The costume I chose to reproduce is one of Grandville's favorites, displaying his fascination with an animated and psychological ferile natural world.


my interpetation-

I don't know if I'll attempt any others, but it was fun to give it a shot
available at the Bunny Hutch. I am also offering the bird separately.
Current Mood: productive

1st May 2008

6:13pm: it's getting hot in here, so take off all your ...hang on...never mind...


With the warmer weather, I've set up an outdoor market at the side of the Bunny Hutch in Tanglewood. In the past few days, I've created new lamps and plants in cute stripey / checkerboard pots. I have more home decor items on the way.....but that's not all......

I've wanted to make a mechanical toy rabbit , and finally found the perfect design. The rabbit's head nods, his gears turn, he ticks like the clockwork creature that he is...


and ...inspired by this little mechanical rabbit,....I have donned my rubber gloves, white smock, and steampunk goggles and I've created something for the upcoming:

Current Mood: crazy

29th April 2008

12:35am: Birthday...Older..Wiser? nope!
On Sunday I had a little party to *accept* the fact that I am one more year OLDER....The usual suspects were all in attendance, which made me gleeful!

Denver Hax wearing the appropriate color- PINK!!! (It was Violet's idea! Don't blame me for that one!) Miss Terry Lightfoot didn't get the memo. However later she wore a lovely "Blush" pink dress and hair.

Mr. Sputnik's grey locks were dyed a shocking pink. Miss Emily Ladybird in the background in my "Carousel" dress! (Poor dear dropped champagne glasses all over my property... made a terrible mess for Natalia to clean up..) Newbe Writer gets down!!!

Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel lent his dulcit tones and large collection of tunes to the celebration.

Violet Schnabel and Titanas Vella share a toast to the future, etc, etc..
All in all I was delighted to see everyone there and we had a fine time dancing by the sea. Humpback whales could be heard as they passed by on their annual migration to Morgaine.
Thanks to everyone for making this a very special day, one I shall remember and treasure!
Current Mood: happy

28th April 2008

5:37am: Miss Kelley and Mr Peccable Wed
The other morning I received the happy news that my dear friends Kiralette and Podruly were to be wed...and then I found out it was to be at 6:00am! Actually, it was not a hardship in the least to rise and make way for one of the most beautiful occasions I have had the good fortune to witness.
For one thing, the tiny island looked exquisite, cast in the warm dark glow of Midnight, the petals of a thousand creamy yellow flowers glistened against the darkness.
Point two - those involved with the ceremony were highly verbose and creative, Oolon Sputnik, Zealot Benmargui, Soliel Snook, and Kira and Pod themselves, so, as you might expect, the language used was filled with humor and with heart felt sentiment that went beyond the mere typings of our limitations.
That said, I am a woman of pictures, not words. But I wish to express my joy and hope for the happy couple.
May you have fun, love and adventures galore!

Soliel Snook stood up for the Groom

Mr. Peccable waits for his bride, Mr. Sputnik presides

Kira made a most lovely Bride. The wedding party.

25th April 2008

9:42pm: Party for someone...cute and made of gears!
Happy Rez Day Cornelia!
It was indeed an honour to be invited to your Rez Day Party. The fantastic castle that was built for this special occasion was fitting for you- a testament to how much you are loved by everyone who has the good fortune of meeting you!


Current Mood: quixotic
2:05pm: It's your Birthday Go Lapin!!!
It's my RL birthday on Monday- and what does the birthday girl do? Make a dress!!!!
hee hee!
I found this fabulous texture on line- it's ribbons, and buttons and bows and I love it!!!
So I just had to make dress...and a hat..and shoes..and a brooch...!
It'll be available at the Bunny Hutch in Tanglewood , and at Eternal Promethea and at Fatima Ur's wonderful sim.


Have a wonderful weekend!
Current Mood: cheerful

16th April 2008

11:44pm: Kacy Despres Rez Day Party!
Today Mordecai Scaggs hosted a fab bash in Tanglewood for his beloved Kacy! Gabi provided the DJ honours and the room just filled to the rafters with people the likes of whom I have not seen in ages!!!! Lucius Sin! Leon Susenko! Glori Maertens! Viderian! It was so wonderful to see them all again! and Nix Sands was there donning a fantastic clockwok rat av. It was posh. I asked Kacy what she did on her first day in SL and she told us all that she met Mord! Imagine that! One year ago today she met the man she would eventually spend all her days in love with! It really does the heart good. They are so very sweet and in love. It was a joyous happy party and I wish Kacy another year of fun and love in SL!
Current Mood: happy

4th April 2008

8:30pm: The Devil is in the Details
I thought I'd give you all a peek into my Real Life! Oh come on, it's fun!
One of my passions is creating miniatures. The photos posted are of my work. I've built and sold dollhouses and miniatures since I was in the 7th grade! ( My first sale was a tiffany lamp shade made out of a ping pong ball!) The scale is 1 inch = 1 foot. These pics were taken just a few days ago. I made these little buildings from scratch and created most of the items.

~This is the little ladies shop and Bistro~ ( you can see why I made the Bunny Hutch!)

~Interior shot of the Bistro.

~Interior shot of the Ladies shop.

~ Close Up of the Easter Sugar Eggs
Current Mood: artistic

31st March 2008

10:20pm: twice in a blue moon.....
Just after the Dark Victorian event, I decided to take a ride in the lovely balloon created by Alfonso Avalanche and have a moment to quietly reflect on recent activities, dramas and weirdnesses when I spied...that very rare SL occurance- a blue moon.
Luckily I was quick enough with the camera to snap it.

I wonder if anyone else has seen this?
I have in no way doctored this image!
Current Mood: pensive

28th March 2008

3:23pm: Dark Victorian Event!!!!
March 29th!!!
Tanglewood, Caledon!!
12noonslt Fashion show!
3pmslt Dance!!

Today I was just blown away when Paul Lapointe and Bastchild Lotus set up many many vendors for rfl at the Event site! We have donations from Terry LIghtfoot, Fuschia Begonia and Alfonso Avalanche, and speaking of Alfonso, he has created Snorty's Evil Twin- which is just fantastic!!! The "driver" is impaled on one of the bloody tusks!! It is deeply sick....I love it!

Bastchild Lotus, Marcello (a new Male model for the Bunny Hutch) and Paul Lapointe looking over the site for the event this weekend.

the Cat walk area!
Thank the Gods Bits and Bobs has created Cat walk animations!!! maybe this year the poor models won't fall off the stage into someone's lap!

Hope to see you there!

28th February 2008

11:40pm: Eternal Promethea
The other day a friend of mine offered teleportation to meet the owners of a new Victorian sim. Upon arrival I was greeted by Lady AnastasiaMaria Ledev, a raven haired, pales skinned ethereal woman who was wearing a lovely blue satin frock. Her sim, Eternal Promethea, is a charming place to wander, shop, take a carriage ride and marvel at the beautiful landscaping.


Lady Anastasia gave me the tour highlights, which include a beautiful tea house right on the shores of the meandering stream, the Grand Ballroom and the quaint church tucked on top of a hill. There are lovely Fatima Ur homes on the outskirts of the town, for new residents.

I was delighted when I was offered a shop of my choosing and found a building with tall windows and a view of the river. It will be fun to see the other shops take ownership. I noticed Terry Lightfoot had a shop as did Kitchen Kreations.
Here is a picture of my shop- with Table Top Paris in the front window.


When I discovered that Lady Anastasia's partner is of the Vampire heritage, I made arrangements for the two gentlemen to meet. It's not often we meet a couple similar to us and I am hoping that we can be fast friends.
Here is the meeting between Mr. Garrigus and Mr. Barbosa.


Lady Anastasia wanted to show Nicholas the sights and he was quite taken with the area as well. We were shown a lovely three story house, and - when we reached the balcony, overlooking the valley, Lady Anastasia took her leave saying: "This is a place of love."
It certainly got my mind racing!!

Current Mood: excited

25th February 2008

7:40pm: Special invitation to a Tardis
To celebrate Caledon's Second Year ANNIVERSARY!! Oolon Sputnik and his assistant, Terry Lightfoot, Lovely Sidhe friend of mine, (in all honesty, Mr. Sputnik scares me!) held a very special open house aboard the ETC (Etheric Travel Conduit? Escape To Catalina? Everybody Thanks Caledon?? oh whatever it is...)

Many people climbed on board the Tardis which was ..moored? Docked? Tied to the earth by chains of titanium? Really, it's hard to describe theses things. My Victorian brain just can't wrap around the concepts of time and space... Oh bother

But it was a lovely party anyway!

** Mr. Jomander Trefoil in his finery, looks quite stunned by the surroundings! I took a quick repose on the divan behind him.**


Miss Widdershins, Mr. Vitori and Miss LIghtfoot (in the expansive wings) dance as Mr Sputnik tries to figure out how to clean up the stains on the fine rug.

Here I watch Miss Begonia and Miss Emily Ladybird trip the light fantastic. Mind the broken champagne glasses that Miss Ladybird seems to drop periodically.


Wallflowers and barflys.....Mr. Elric Merlin, DJ extraordinaire (and ..um...Caledon Heart Throb- sorry Nicholas but it's true!!!), Miss Lightfoot , Mr. Roy Smashcan, and Angus Mesmer (have not seen this talented inventor in many days!)

A wonderful time was had by all.
Thank you to Mr. Sputnik and Miss Lightfoot for throwing such a wonderful party!
Current Mood: bouncy

22nd February 2008

11:24pm: Victorian "Working Class"
I had this idea to recreate outfits working women in Victorian times would have worn.
The first one I have completed is the Flower Girl.
I also have a couple of others in the works.
It's kind of interesting to think of how these women earned money and lived in British society over one hundred years ago.
OO and I was thinking of offering an RP~
Would there be any interest in recreating the March household- as in Little Women?... It might be fun for a week or so. What character form Little Women would you like to be? My favorite scene is when they pretend to be men. I always wondered if there was some significance to that scene.
Here is ~~~~~~~~ the FLOWERGIRL~~~~~~~~~

Current Mood: optimistic

16th February 2008

11:35pm: Opening a New Shop!
I was recently offered a charming ocean front parcel in Kittiewickshire by my dear friend, 1Wuz Gray, and how can one refuse a charming little Otter in a top hat and waistcoat?

The shop I've created on the property is a nod to the places I enjoy visiting in rl- the Beach Boardwalk! Where one can buy a bag of salt water taffy and lounge by the sea with a glass of cold lemonade.

I call it!-
(no, not George....)



Behind the shop there is a bathing caravan and wicker furniture that you can purchase.


Three new dresses have been created especially for your enjoyment of the resort setting:

~~~~*~*~*~~~ SHARK ATTACK!!~~~~*~*~******~*~~~*~~~

~~*~******~~~~The Seaside Breezes Official Dress~~~*~****~*~*~~~~~*~*~~~

~~~~~**~*~****~**~~~ and Seashells ~~~~***~*****~*~*~**~~~
I do hope you can stop by and enjoy the salt sea air. It will do you a world of good!
Current Mood: refreshed

15th February 2008

10:46pm: My Valentines Day with Mr. Garrigus
It was a day of pleasures for all the senses.

~~~***~~~The aroma of rose petals~~~~***~~~

~~**~~~The touch of his hands on my back as we danced under a star filled night sky. The cool night air on my shoulders. The velvet breezes~~~***~~~

~~**~The sound of a distant flute as we caught an errant kiss behind the shop~~*~~

~~~~***~~~The luscious taste of chocolate~~****~~~

~*~The sight of Nicholas.....waiting to see me...~~~***~~


Lapin Paris and Nicholas Garrigus caught in a clinch while he watched me set up my stage set for the Bunny Hutch. Leave it to Nicholas to suggest that we try all the poses....

The evening began with an embrace which became a dance as I was swept up in his strong arms, words of love whispered in my ear. Soft kisses returned under the protective branches of the oak tree outside our home in Stormhold. Nicholas surprised me with a bouquet of red roses. I was so thrilled that he had been thinking of me.

After my work at the Bunny Hutch ended, Nicholas and I stole away, far from Caledon, and we visited some of our favorite haunts on the grid. A stroll through the oaks and pines of Straylight, a dance at the Sphynx, where the crowd was dressed to the nines, and the scent of perfume and after shave filled the air. After a dance we went to a jazz club and listened to old standards performed by a lovely chanteuse of ill repute.
Nicholas insisted on a bit of shopping and purchased an entire outfit for me- head to toe- shoes to a new 'do! I surprised him with cards and some of his favorite leather clothing. There was more dancing, some champagne, and then everything became rather fuzzy and soft.


and the evening ended with love.

I hope that all of you felt love, warmth and the contentment of holding that special someone on this day of romance. To me it's not just a Hallmark Corporate nothing day. It is a day to celebrate love. The world needs love. We all need love. Everyday is what you make of it. You can chose to be cynical, or you can chose to see things in a different way. To be accepting and to love. It's a choice. The world really is a wonderful place.
Current Mood: content

11th February 2008

7:29am: Paris on a Tabletop
As a representative from Faux- France, there are times, wandering around the back streets and elegant shops in Caledon, when I miss my homeland.

My shop in Tanglewood is dedicated to my memories of the Tour Eiffel, and the Arc de Triomphe where I've tried to recreate the feeling of a Lady's Boutique, similar to the ones I recall from childhood.

I began a project to recreate the landmarks of Paris (circa 1890) in miniature.

But I was honoured and so very pleased that SL Master Artist AM Radio liked my work well enough to add photos to his Flickr account! To have a bit of recognition from someone I consider a true artist, gives me a deep sense of pride.


Here is a shot of the build- I stand beside it to give you a sense of scale.


You can see the finished project in the Bunny Hutch, it's available for puchase boxed with the entire collection, or you can purchase the pieces seperately.

Current Mood: accomplished

9th February 2008

7:19am: Marde Gras et al!
On Friday Caledon boasted a lagalicious and extremely fun Marde Gras Parade!
I just want to say, straight up, no I did not expose my bodacious ta tas for beads. Ahem.
That said:

It was very exciting to be sitting in Regency on the meditative cushions that Viderian Vollmar set out for our use in front to the Camera Obscura, and look at the map and see- over 50 green dots - it groups- inching their way towards us!

Violet Schnabel, propreitor of the Camera Obscura, myself, and Mr. Roy Smashcan sit patiently so as not to disturb the lag inducing effects of the parade

The first float was an enormous Elephant ridden by Mr. Iason. It was fantastic to see the huge thing ambling down the cobblestone walkway of Regency and then pass us, quite blocking out the sun!

This was a bubbly float with some scantily clad people- very much in keeping with the event!

This is the C.I.B. float with lots of raving going on- Erasmus Margulis and Shaylee Greenspan were atop the float, rocking out!

Another creative float.

It was a lot of fun and I hope that we can see more events like this in the future.
I love it when we all can come together and enjoy OUR Caledon, OUR community and all of the creative, crazy, and yeah, special times we can have here.
Current Mood: happy

4th February 2008

6:27am: The Bunny Hutch et al
For the past few years, I have been making jewelry in rl. There's a great antiques extravaganza each month in an old airfield and it's worth the hour drive to attend it. I have my favorite vendors- the tiny French lady who wears a 1950's pill hat and sells things she has brought back from flea markets in Paris, the extroverted couple who buy out old warehouses and have plastic bins filled with antique buttons, old rubber stamps and type writer keys, and the booths I love the best- run by cranky old men who specialize in huge bins filled with "crazy, rusty crap".
What I glean there, and what I find at the local beads store and antique findings on Ebay, these are what I use to create necklaces and earrings.
Of course when I came to sl, I wondered if there was a way to transpose these necklaces into the virtual world.
With the help of my friends, I'm presenting a new line of necklaces. Here are a few pieces of my work:

This necklace has a 1950's scotty dog from a gumball machine, and an older Cracker Jacks metal charm of a pitcher. Antique beads in pale pinks, black and white and an old silk ribbon.

"Childhood" has a bottle cap cameo which I created using an actual photo of a little girl off to her first day of school in the 1960's. There's a Cracker Jacks metal Scotty dog charm, Mother of Pearl buttons, and little jewelry box keys.

This simple necklace has a real antique dog tag from Paris. I painted it, antiqued it and painted the word, 'Paris" on it. Antique Czech beads were used along with amber beads.

Each of these pieces are meant to be unique and fun. I've sold them to boutiques and at Art Shows.
I hope you find them intriguing and that you'll stop by the Bunny Hutch , or one of my shops seen on my Profile Picks. I've also got a stall at the new and fantastic Steamworks! Upstairs from Terry Lightfoot's ~ To a T~ and next to Mayfair Aviation. See you there!

9th January 2008

10:48am: Bunny Hutch and Camera Obscura Join Forces for Event
Camera Obscura, a photographic gallery and studio in Regency, has partnered with the Bunny Hutch to showcase the Victorian Mourning Exhibit. Miss Schnabel has long been interested in the darker side of Victorian life and maintains one of the largest groups in SL- the Dark Victorians. Her exhibit includes interesting "Spirit" photography and the sad faced Memento Mori photos.
Miss Schnabel has offered the second floor of her shop to the Bunny Hutch for my dresses and paintings of the period, and in turn, her photos grace the walls of my shop in Tanglewood.
I hope that you will take a few minutes to view the fascinating works on display in both locations.

the Bunny Hutch in Tanglewood


Camera Obscura in Regency

5th January 2008

11:38pm: The following is a quote from:


NOTHING in our country is more undecided in the public mind than the etiquette of mourning. It has not yet received that hereditary and positive character which makes the slightest departure from received custom so reprehensible in England. We have not the mutes, or the nodding feathers of the hearse, that still form part of the English funeral equipage; nor is the rank of the poor clay which travels to its last home illustrated by the pomp and ceremony of its departure. Still, in answer to some pertinent questions, we will offer a few desultory remarks, beginning with the end, as it were - the return of the mourner to the world."

Grief and mourning were experienced frequently in Victorian times.
In an effort to understand and immerse ourselves in Victorian life, The Bunny Hutch in Tanglewood is presenting Mourning frocks, a wreath made of human hair under glass, and other artwork of the time which examines that sad and romantic theme.




Personally I am fascinated by Victorian photography of deceased children. It is so heart breakingly sad, and so compelling. My rl collection contains a few tintypes of these children as well as several pieces of Memento Mori jewelry. I wonder - am I the only one spellbound by this?
Current Mood: contemplative

2nd January 2008

7:44pm: A Happy New Year to us all!
Sorry for not updating the blog for a while, new ventures, vampires and holidays and all that.

Oh the word ventures you locked onto eh, well since you ask, I've been experimenting with dress making, and it has recieved good feedback. I'm now at a stage where Bunny Hutch has finally matured into what I would like to do.

I actually always wanted to make dresses but never really felt I knew how. But having played with the process, and using some of my own RL art and background in art, I've created 9 dresses so far, with many more on the way.

Here are a few of the offerings at the Bunny Hutch:

~~**~~ this is the Blue Provence, so named because of the fine French fabrics used.

~~~~~****~~~ Blanc et Noir with a lovely Peace dove slapped on the hat for good fortune (But not the bird's I'll wager!!)


~~******~~~~ The Sparkle Parisian so named because glitter (not bling!!) was used on the fabric.

My dresses include a hat, perhaps jewelry, or other little extras!

I'm having fun making them and hope that you will stop by The Bunny Hutch to take a look.
There is also a darling bunny named George out front. He may hide in the ferns until he gets to know you, he can be rather bashful.

I hope you have a wonderful New Year filled with Peace, Love and Prosperity!
Current Mood: accomplished

20th November 2007

7:44am: It's My Rez Day
Today marks the one year anniversary of my wild adventures in Second Life. It comes at a time when my RL is filled with introspection, as a friend of mine passed away a few days ago from Cancer. In a very profound way, my Real Life and my Second Life are intertwined. I have friends in SL who have become dear friends in RL. When I am in the midst of this real heart felt pain, they have been there for me, even more so than my RL friends. I see my SL friends every day, talk to them, share life.

As my Rez Day approached, I looked back at this year, wondering if I could come up with a single line of text: "What has SL has meant to me".

To beign I had to wonder ~ Who is Lapin Paris? She is not so much a creation as she is a component of my personality. I have started building and look forward to my time in the IBM sandbox every day. I'm no great builder. I'm just aspiring to greatness, I am compelled to try. There are genuine artists all around me, AM Radio, Ordinal Malaprop, Intolerable Ginsburg, Oolon Sputnik, Nix Sands, Terry Lightfoot. What they create is art.

One year ago I saw a story on Second Life on the Morning Show. In that short clip on virtual worlds, I saw a house wife, who had three kids and when they went to school, or took a nap, Mom jumped on SL to talk with her friends, and buy clothes. It sounded rather superficial, but I thought, wow, maybe I can make a few friends and that might help me feel more connected to the world. My mobility issues have caused me to spend a lot of time laying down. I longed to feel connected to people.

What I found in SL was much more (as we've learned - the media tends to scratch the surface of Sl, without seeing the larger, more interesting aspects of things) SL was a world of imagination. A place where dreams came true.

Noobie Lapin jumped from event to event thanks to the Events Search. I went to Hair, clothing and bar openings. Played Tringo, discovered Nekos, and Furries, Fairies and Trekkies. I began saving favorite destinations like Bliss Gardens, Silent Sparrow and the Sphynx Dance Club. I made a friend! Starlight Vandeverre, and she was kind enough to IM me periodically and we caught up on what the other was seeing, doing, discovering in SL.

In December I attended a Ball in a magical place called Caledon. It was held in a beautiful Ice Palace created by Shenlei Flasheart on a gorgeous sim - Caledon One. I was immediately taken by the place. Every time I logged on , I began hanging out in Caledon, exploring all 6 sims! The steampunk element fit right in with my lifelong affection for Jules Verne and all things Retrotech, and my passion for Charles Dickens mixed with a liberal dose of Mary Poppins. Caledon at that time was a happy, beautiful environment, with an amazing attention to detail. I found myself buying Victorian clothes, and logging out and back in at the alley beside Bryndal Ellison's building in Vic City. I attended Christmas caroling, ice skating and Christmas Balls. It was so beautiful.

In January I met Desmond Shang and asked him, face to face, if I might be able to purchase a parcel. He was kind enough to take a chance on the silly little Faux French girl (probably becasue Lapin means BUNNEH!!! in french!!!) and I got my land in Mayfair. I met Jess Patton and immediately formed a little crush on him. He was so very kind and warm. I really enjoyed our talks.

On January 1st, I held my first party. Three people showed up. Jess, Tamala Tombola, a neighbor who was very nice from across the street, and a Swedish friend of mine, Mandrake Araw, who preferred to wear a purple top hat, cape and one blinging ice skate, leaving his left foot bare.

I opened a studio, where I showed my RL paintings and I wanted to paint portraits of the celebrities of Caledon and started with a protrait of Virrginia Tombola. I made more friends, Burton Newall, Vi Paravane, Roy Smashcan, Zenmondo Wormser.They were hardly housewives who wanted to buy clothes and talk! These people wanted to BUILD and SCRIPT!! I began to see their fantastic builds, their working trians and carts and steam powered whatsits and clothes. I discovered the PRIM!!!!

In late February, Desmond asked me if I might be interested in chairing the efforts of the American Cancer Society and help to rally Caledon to contribute. As a Cnacer survivor myself, I was honoured. It was my intention to create fun events and bring love and togetherness to the communtiy. I wanted to be like Shenlei, making events that were lovely. I had no idea that the SLRFL would be so controversial and that things done in an effort to help fight cancer, were taken the wrong way, tossed in a blender and came out smelling like funk. Believe me. I was very disheartened by the actions and comments made. The best part of SLRFL was working with Alfonso Avalanche, Fuschia begonia, Terry Lightfoot, Oolon Sputnik, Virrginia Tombola, Erasmus Margulies, Lavendar Beaumont and Jules Whittlesea. These people and the one who shall remain nameless, were the people I could depend on every day. They were my strength and became, over the next 6 months, my best friends.

I took a parcel in Tanglewood which became the SLRFL headquarters. This is where I met Violet Schnabel, Jen Wise, Viderian Vollmar and Mordecai Scaggs. I dearly loved them, and I'm sad now that they have left Tanglewood. The best days I've had in SL were when I would just stand in front of the SLRFL HQ, and have a chance ot talk to Denver Hax, Jen Wise and Viderian. What fun that was.

After the RFL ended, and with it my IM STORMS, I felt a bit lost. Fortunately, my love and I had an opportunity to really get to know one another and to become a strong couple. We spent time roaming around SL, dancing, shopping, playing. It was a time of introspection.

Now I have joined Oolon's Caledon Studio team, and I hope that we can make some fantastic machinimas.
I am friends with AM Radio, and I was just so delighted yesterday when he stood beside me in IBM, building. I kept thinking, I'm making a fountian, next to a real, genuine artist.

So, what is SL to me?
It is the people.
as my love says, "You are my SL".
and to him and to all of you, I say the same, "You are my SL".

and I love you for it.


15th November 2007

7:32am: Caledon Studios
Machinima MARVEL, Mr. Oolon Sptunik has created a wonderful destination in the new sim Penzance!
It is called:


A place where movies and newsreels will be created! Several people are involved with the creation of items for purchase, clothing and hair from the costume designer, chairs, furniture, from the properties shop, poses from choreography, all for sale in an effort to fund projects. One of a kind items which will be created for movie projects will be available at the Studio! Everyone is welcome to browse the studios and check out what project is currently in production.

3 parcels wide at the edge of the mountain range, impressive gates welcome you to enter.

The hills above boast the sim name.

Mr. Sputnik has invited me to be responsible for props and sets, a challenge I have accepted with determination and a verve. It will be a job fraut with a chipped nail or two, and I may be overcome by paint fumes, but...I would do anything for art!


Do stop by for a closer look!
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